Saturday, December 17, 2005

University administrator forbids Christmas

And also forbids the 4th of July, Easter, Thanksgiving Day, Halloween, St. Patrick's Day and others that she has yet to name. Patricia Sonntag, director of the Office of Services to Students with Disabilities at California State University Sacramento, which will be known in the future as Cal-Suc, sent an email to her staff on December 9, saying,
Time has come to recognize that religious discrimination, as well as ethnic insensitivity to certain holidays, is forbidden.
The directive only applies to those who staff her office, which must be one of the most colorless and humorless places to work on the planet, at least outside of North Korea.

Ms. Sonntag, obviously mentally disabled herself, added that the ban (her ban) was being imposed
"in order to avoid offending someone else" because Sacramento State is "a secular university and we are a public service area that has a diverse employee and student populations [sic] even in our private offices."
I thought that a private office was private, you know, by definition. Oh, well. The university has tried to distance itself from this moron by declaring that her ban on any holiday decorations whatsoever for any holiday whatsoever, "was well-intentioned but strays from the established practice." The public affairs spokesman for the university declared that the university "has no guidelines prohibiting holiday decorations," aside from the responsibility of supervisors, "to ensure that employees do not spend an unreasonable amount of work time decorating."
Catholic League president Bill Donohue called the policy a violation of free speech rights. "It never occurs to these secular supremacists that it is their aversion to anything religious - or patriotic - that accounts for their desire to muzzle free speech."
Well, he's probably wrong, there. Since she is in charge of this particular office she can outlaw any and all holiday decorations if she wants to do so. At least until the university officials gather up some courage and fire her stupid ass.

I am happy to report that Gregory Rasputin Is Finally Dead Day was not included on her list of banned holidays.


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