Thursday, December 15, 2005

"This is where we turn the corner . . . "

This is where we turn the corner; where the Iraqi people make the decision to collectively put the insurgency in the ground.
Lt. Col. Scott Morrison with the 5th Brigade in Mosul, Iraq.

Reports from all over Iraq are coming in of millions of Iraqis dressing up in their best to go to the polls to vote. Children playing in the streets and smiling faces everywhere. And very little murdering occurring (Iraqi police arrested a terrorist with 72 bombs destined for polling places). One soldier described the atmosphere in Mosul as "one large playground".

Another said that Iraqis and their children are "walking the streets waving at the Americans and Iraqi-army patrols as they pass by,"

Said an Iraqi soldier,
I want all the killing and bleeding to stop. I want children to live a happy life.
How could anyone say this was wrong, much less that we should turn tail and abandon these people?

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