Tuesday, December 27, 2005

What's happening here?

What it is ain't exactly clear. I light up Memeorandum this morning and the conservative and center and center-right bloggers are missing in action. Memeorandum, I think, shows the news items and commentary most linked-to and most mentioned in the blogs. It's almost all anti-Bush, anti-war, anti-administration today. What gives?

New York Times:
No Sunnis in the Iraqi military - Bad war! Bush failure!
Bi-partisan director of the Congessional Budget Office is only quoted by NYT when he is anti-administration - Bad economics! Bad tax reductions! Dumb Bush!
Schwarzenegger snubbed by hometown - Bad death penalty! Good Tookie! Bad actor!
Ghanans (the people of Ghana, where "millions of Africans passed on their way to plantations in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean"),call visiting African-Americans searching for their slave-roots "white foreigners". 15th paragraph finally mentions that only 4.5% of Africans became slaves in Bush's America - Bad Bush! Bad America! Racist Republicans! (Lincoln, the gay, racist president, was a Republican) - Racist administration!

The Washington Post:
Bush administration favorite Chalabi rejected by his own people - Bad Bush! Bad Rumsfeld! Bad war!
The whole story on military recruiting - Bad American military! Bad war! Bad Bush! Whoops. Er, maybe not.
South Dakota doesn't provide abortions on every street corner. Bad red-state! Bad hillbilly farmers! Bad Alito.
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from Viet Nam sinking budget - Bad Nixon (he started that war, remember?)! Bad Bush! Bad war! Bad Republicans!
Bush tortures the Constitution and hoodwinks the nation into ill-advised wars - Bad Bush! Bad neo-cons! Bad Republicans!
US has spent $1 billion on Darfur and US military has engaged in rescue and food drops. Situation continues to deteriorate. Bad Bush! Racist administration! Uncaring rich Republicans! (Darfur is in Africa, last time I checked.)
White House press room dirty and decaying, Helen Thomas not comfy - Bad Bush! Bad administration! Bad McClellan!
Iraqi Interior Minister Bayan Jabr, personally appointed by George and Laura Bush, to step down due to Bush approved torture of prisoners - Bad Bush! Bad neo-cons! Bad war!
Gifted children left behind - Bad Bush! Bad rich Republicans with gifted children in private schools! Bad No Child Left Behind Act!
Maryland Governor Ehrlich first Republican elected in 30 years, pledging to clean up corrupt state government, can't find any Republicans in corrupt state government, fires only Democrats - Bad Republican governor! Bad Republicans!
White House prevarications, now they're lying about greenhouse gas emissions - Bad Bush! Bad administration! Bad Republicans! Bad air day!
Special interest pork invented by Republican Congress - Bad Republicans! Bad industry! Bad business!
Cajuns may be forced to move away from Cat V hurricanes; want red-staters to pay to rebuild everything where is and pay again when it all gets knocked down the next time - Bad Bush! Bad administration! Bad rich Republicans who live in Tennessee and Indiana (higher ground)!
US forces take draconian action at Samarrah (Cambridge - draconian; adjective, FORMAL, describes laws, government actions, etc. which are unreasonably severe; going beyond what is right or necessary) - Soldiers build 8 foot high dirt wall so they don't get their asses shot off - Bad war! Bad US military! Bad American soldiers! Bad Bush! (Written by same reporter who wrote now-disavowed inaccurate recruiting report mentioned above.)

Sheesh! Where is everybody?

Please do not click on any of the links provided. It will only encourage Memeorandum to continue to provide links to these anti-Bush, anti-administration, anti-Republican and anti-American sites. To stem this almost overwhelming tide today, please visit only those news sources which are not avowedly lefty socialist in nature. That means, uh, er, FOXNews and, uh, well, just keep looking. I'm sure you'll find something else out there. Let me know when you do.

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