Sunday, December 11, 2005

Moynihan was right: Shut down the CIA

Jack Kelly pretty much hits the nail on the head in this article: The spy agency is damaged beyond repair: Abolish it and start over

When even a notorously liberal United Nations hack like Mohammed ElBaradei agrees with an Israeli intelligence finding that Iran will be nuclear armed in only a few months when our multi-billion dollar agency said 10 years, well, get rid of it. The CIA is a bureaucratized shell of its former self, and its former self probably ceased to exist some 40 years ago. As pointed out by Reuel Marc Gerecht for a long time now and by John Hinderaker more recently, the CIA has become a rogue agency involved in a dirty war against its own boss, the President of The United States. By, as has been alleged by Gerecht, Hinderaker and others, creating illegal programs which would be damaging to the interests of the American people if knowledge of those programs became public and then purposely leaking the existence of those programs, the CIA has become an enemy of The United States and its people.

Does George Bush have the political will to shut down the CIA? Would anyone? I don't think so. The only way the CIA could be shut down would be for a newly elected president, one who was blessed with a clear majority in Congress, to propose and then fight for the CIA's elimination. He (or she) would have to present this proposal as a complete surprise to his supporters and his political enemies alike, immediately after taking the oath of office, preferrably as the theme of his innaugeral address. And believe you me, his political enemies would almost instantly be buried in a blizzard of damaging information about him and anyone who supported the proposal, their families, friends, neighbors and passing acquantances by operatives inside the CIA fighting desperately to retain their positions of power and perks.

More practically speaking, this mystery president would have to plan for such a shutdown, completely in secrecy, for a long time prior to floating the proposal. This would seem to be a practical impossibility. He would have to present a plan for the absorbtion of the CIA's responsibilities by other intelligence agencies. This would cause a massive roiling of our intelligence gathering and analysis capabilities. But, hell, they pretty much suck now, at least as far as the CIA is concerned. To wit;

The Swedish journalist Fredrik Laurin, who tracked down the existence of covert CIA terrorist prisoner flights in and around Europe, was able to do it with ease. He simply followed the movements of the registration number of an aircraft around Europe. He tracked down the registration number (public info available from the FAA's website) and found that everyone associated with the aircraft had post office box addresses in Virginia. Where is Langley located, again, cuz Ah fergit? Mr. Laurin says,
I would say they didn't give a damn. If I was an American taxpayer, I'd be upset.

You weren't able to trace the name to any living individual. They were all living in post office boxes in Virginia.

If that's all the imagination they can drum up at Langley, I'd fire the bunch.
That may be the best idea we've heard lately, Mr. Laurin, at least since it was first tabled by Senator Moynihan.

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