Monday, December 26, 2005

Robert Mugabe's goat gotten

If this report is to be believed, the Zimbabwean strong-man president just got his. A goat got his goat, so to speak. According to the report, Mugabe's motorcade stopped to refuel on its way to a resort area in Zimbabwe. I'll bet that's really a plush locale. Anyway, Mugabe got out of the car to stretch his legs when a billy goat wandered by. It decided that it wanted the water bottle that the dear president was holding. The president objected. He got his ox gored by said goat. More accurately, Mugabe got his scrotum and lower bowel punctured by the thirsty goat. Man, I'll bet that hurt.

At last report Mugabe is in the hospital from which he will hopefully emerge in a feet first position. We all, or more specifically, the Zimbabwean people should be so lucky.

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