Friday, December 09, 2005


Did it?

Lloyd Grove writes in his New York Daily News' Lowdown column the following:
The Bush administration seems finally ready to admit that it was wrong about Iraq - privately, anyway.
Again, did it? Grove reports that unnamed "White House officials" had an "off the record lunch" with one Stephen Gaghan, writer-director of Syriana, who told Grove that they told him that,
"They think we're in a disastrous state of affairs in Iraq and that there was no plan for the aftermath. They're the people who provide the talking points, and they said they were guilty of hubris at the highest level, that kind of stuff."
Oh yeah, "that kind of stuff." Wow!

So what we have is a gossip reporter, Grove, who tells us that the writer-director of a Hollywood movie about RBBB, RRBBO, and the RRRBBCIA (Really Bad Big Business, Really Really Bad Big Oil and Really Really Really Bad Big CIA, respectively) told him that unnamed White House officials (those who "write the talking points) had an off the record lunch with said Hollywood writer-director and told him . . . etc..

He believes and Gaghan believes and they would have us believe that these unnamed White House officials who write the talking points are The Bush Administration. Are they? And if so, who are they? I would find it very difficult to believe that any White House officials, unnamed or otherwise, who are in any position to know anything, let alone formulate or influence policy, would sit down with a Hollywood writer-director and talk about anything meaningful. Especially when that writer director is plugging the same dreary old movie format of RBBB, RRBBO, and the RRRBBCIA with the RRRBBCIA representing the puppet government and the RBBB and RRBBO pulling the strings of the aforementioned puppet government.

Grove says that Gaghan says that his response to the movie's critics is, "Tell me, do you know how Saudi Arabia became a country? No? How about Jordan? Who drew those boundaries?" Well, I know. And neither the CIA (which was some 20-30 years away from existence) nor big business (at least, American big business) nor big oil (at least, American big oil) were involved in any way shape or form. The British mainly, with some help from the French and Spanish, drew up the boundaries and formed countries which had not been there before. And those boundaries were approved by the League of Nations of which we were not a member. It was not us and never has been us. It was them.

But, that's a great defense. I gotta remember that one. The next time my wife critiques my purchase of a new power tool, I'll leap to my own defense with, "Do you know how Budapest became a city? No? How about Minneapolis-St. Paul? Who drew the boundaries?" That should work, don't you think?

Paraphrasing the legendary Shane, "The only Lowdown here is a Lowdown Yankee liar."

And I don't have to prove it.

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