Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Alamo was fought to defend slavery! Nickelodeon joins the MSM

The Nickelodeon Network has joined with the MSM according to this Yahoo News report through Lucianne. According to the report, the 50 second children's TV network short states that the battle was fought
so white farmers could keep their slaves.
The article states that Nickelodeon was warned
by respected historian R. Bruce Winders that the description was simplistic and inaccurate
but the network ran the story anyway. Now comes Mark Lyons, who is identified as "a senior producer for Nick News at Lucky Duck Productions in New York, which contracts for the Viacom Inc.-owned network" to say,
We recognize that there were several key issues in the Battle of the Alamo and one of them was slavery.
Well, if you recognize that fact, Mr. Lyons, then why didn't you say so? Because saying so would not have fit your typical MSM revisionist slant? Fake but accurate, right? I would suggest that blog readers read this article," March 2, 1836: The Myth and Meaning of Texas Independence, by Dr. Stephen L. Hardin, Professor of History at The Victoria College, Victoria, Texas, and form your own opinions about slavery's role in Texas independence.

Submitted to OTB (I hope).

Michelle Malkin has received a communication from Dr. Bruce Winders with much more detail.

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