Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Man, they didn't teach this when I was in school

Ah, these kids today. Whaddaya gonna do? Well, Planned Parenthood, I suppose in conjunction with Saran Wrap, has some ideas, at least for 8th graders. Planned Parenthood, according to this article by Janice Shaw Crouse, suggests in their latest comprehensive sex education materials that 8th graders use Saran Wrap as an aid to safe sex when performing oral or anal sex. 8th graders!.

Ms. Crouse quotes the FBI's "A Parent’s Guide to the Internet" as describing the modus operandi of pedophiles:
These individuals attempt to gradually lower children's inhibitions by slowly introducing sexual context and content into their conversations.
Just listen to little Billy's and little Mary's conversations now. Wow! Talk about giving new meaning to the term "leftovers".

Ms. Crouse makes the point,
And millions of parents are letting so-called sex-education experts do exactly this to their children in the classroom without raising any objection. Unbelievable!
I made the comment above, "...I suppose in conjunction with Saran Wrap,..." in jest, I hope. If I were a corporate executive with SC Johnson (Saran Wrap's owner), I would be seeking a cease and desist order backed up by the threat of a massive lawsuit. I'll check this with some lawyer-type friends of mine to see what, if any, are the legal options available to SC Johnson. If you click on SC Johnson, you will see that their logo is, "SC Johnson - A Family Company." I don't think SC Johnson would consider the instructions to utilize one of their best known products in 8th grade oral and anal sex as family oriented.

We'll see.

But the real point here is that made by Ms. Crouse. Why are we talking to 8th grade girls about such things, anyway? Why aren't we talking to them about relationship building, etiquette, self respect and respect for others, inter-personal negotiations and the give and take required to maintain a relationship instead of introducing them to sexual practices which should be relegated to consenting adults in the privacy of their homes?

I don't have a daughter, I have two sons. Am I all wet here?

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