Monday, May 30, 2005

Run, Osama, Run!

Lucianne has someone who is now sending links to stories and reports on News24, apparently the online version of the South African Daily Sun. There are 3 stories today which got my attention.

Run, Osama, Run

This is a very nice opinion piece published on the News24 website written by a Jon Qwelane, who also happens to be a radio talk show host when he is not on suspension for saying something outrageous.

Mr. Qwelane says,
I pray - yes I do - that Osama bin Laden will not be so stupid as to get himself caught by the Americans, dead or alive, for the Americans will outdo even their sordid selves to humiliate him.
First, it was the shame of Guantanamo Bay and the barbaric torture of blindfolding of shackled, red-uniformed Muslim prisoners from Afghanistan, who were brutally tortured in barbaric instances which were fully condoned by George Bush and his former secretary of state, Colin Powell.

Then came the destruction of Iraq against all sane admonition by sensible people from around the world.

A litany of lies was cooked up by the Pentagon, and so-called weapons of mass destruction were conjured up to justify bombing Iraq for its oil and toppling its president, Saddam Hussein, and murdering his two sons.

Then followed Lynndie England with her infamous poses for photographs with naked Iraqi prisoners and her completely barbaric methods of humiliation, while laughing and smoking a cigarette.

As if that were not enough, just a little over two weeks ago Newsweek magazine ran a shocker (SHOCKER!) of a story, which was corroborated by the military. The infamous Guantanamo Bay detention centre became the place where the Americans, trying their utmost to extract information from suspected "terrorists", embarked on the worst type of humiliation to a Muslim: they took a copy of the Holy Qur'an and flushed it down a toilet. (emphasis mine)
Aha! Another of those lucky souls who either have experience with heretofore unknown gigantic jumbo crappers, or who have never seen a toilet flush, I don't know which. Mr. Qwelane goes on to say,
Anything and persons suspected of collaborating with the Big Satan were attacked, and Condoleezza Rice was verbally attacked Newsweek for its coverage.
Mr. Qwelane is somewhat, er, linguistically challenged, but I digress.
Says my friend the analyst (an unnamed South African government employee who clued Mr. Qwelane to, well, whatever): "The whole American fixation with humiliating Islam and Muslims springs from the core American politico-economic self-interest, which is loaded with long-standing tensions exacerbated by the fact that oil states are generally powerful, religious states.
I'll need some help with this. American fixation springs from the core American politico-economic self-interest, which is loaded with long-standing tensions exacerbated by the fact that oil states are generally powerful, religious states. What kind of tensions? Sexual tensions? (Not performing well even with the Viagra?) Fandom tensions? (When, not if, will those damned Yankees win it all again?) Or a combination of the two? (She finished 4th and dang near won the dang thing, only weighs a hunnert pounds, it jist ain't fair.) I have no idea what these gentlemen are talking about and I fear that they don't either.
America has for a long time claimed to hold the moral high ground, and that has included its pursuit of the politico-economic invasion to attack Islam, because they see it as barbaric, uncivilised and inferior.
Well, they are right there. See below.
I had definite feelings on 9/11 because I felt the way those towers were attacked was gross. I am not so sure anymore, and America needs to seriously question its brand of "morality.
Well thank you, Mr. Qwelane, for your concern. The cold blooded murder of 3000 people was "gross", but "now I'm not so sure," and we need to seriously question our brand of morality. Right after we get through questioning South Africa's brand of intelligence.

South Africa's Minister of Health, Manto Tshabalala-Msimang, is angry because 42,000 South African AIDS sufferers are receiving anti-retroviral drugs (out of an estimated 500,000 victims who need these drugs). She thinks that is 42,000 too many! She says they should be treated with combination of garlic, lemon, olive oil and beetroot.
She said, as she has previously, that the scientifically dubious formula is the foundation of a healthy diet, and also helps the complexion.
The complexion. Ah, yes. Andrew Sullivan will be overjoyed to hear about this moron.

Health experts in South Africa have been demanding that President Thabo Mbeki dump this incompetent nincompoop before she kills all 5,000,000 HIV sufferers in South Africa. But he won't do anything because he has decided, since 2002, not to say anything to anybody publicly about HIV/AIDS. Up until his vow of silence he had been insisting that HIV does not cause AIDS.

How many of your people have died and will die, Mr. Qwelane, because of the criminal stupidity and appalling ignorance of your country's leadership? How moral is that? Say what you will about G. W. Bush, he doesn't dumbly murder innocent American citizens.

Note: Mr. Qwelane was hauled into court for saying the following;
that a benevolent dictatorship is desirable and preferable, that the South Africa Constitution should be suspended; that illegal immigrants be ruthlessly hunted down, jailed and deported; that they be shot on sight, that illegal immigrants are guilty of perpetrating violent crimes against law abiding citizens, and do not deserve to be treated as human (emphasis mine).
Well, one man's inhuman illegal immigrant is another man's Saddam Hussein.

Islam seen as barbaric, uncivilized and inferior? Say it ain't so.

Bride gang-raped on wedding night.

Islamabad - A bride was gang-raped by her groom's friends on the first night of their marriage with her in-laws' consent in the southern part of Pakistan's Punjab province, a news report said on Monday.

The daily Times said Husseinid Hussain and his family allowed the bride, Kaneez Kubra, to be dishonoured in revenge for her brother's crime of having sexual relations with their daughter.

The bride's father, Ghulam Hussain, said four persons sexually assaulted his daughter in front of his son-in-law in his house in Punjab.

But her ordeal did not end there. Ghulam Hussain said on the following day she was taken to the residence of another friend and assaulted again.

"They are cruel. Hussain's grandfather and mother plainly told my daughter the wedding was just an excuse to (inflict) revenge on your brother for having sexual relations with our girl," he said.
But that's not all. How did poor Kaneez Kubra come to marry into such a despicable family? Was it head-over-heels love? Love at first sight? Did her new husband have a lot of money and she was gold digging? No, she was ordered by an Islamic court to marry him in compensation for her brother's sexual escapades with her new husband's sister. How low can these people go?

This is how low;
In 2002, eight young women, including two sisters aged two and four, escaped vani marriages near the Punjab city of Mianwali after the Supreme Court of Pakistan said the practice violated the law and norms of civilised society.

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