Monday, May 23, 2005

Howard Dean's rhetoric adopted

You and your party have no ideas, no courage, no guts, nothing to offer anyone or anything, if this piece of propaganda you sent out is what you believe. You lie and exploit the old and the feeble in order to scare and cloud and confuse. ... You are a wart on the heel of a foot that is struggling to move forward.

... Were a Democratic president looking to face down this (Social Security) problem, you'd be shouting an entirely different message, wouldn't you? You care not for truth in any way. You care not either for anything that benefits the good people of this country -- only what benefits your paying clients, who happen to be Democrats.

I trust and hope the good American people will see through your lies, and most of them will, but you know that it is the old and the feeble and the tired who you seek to scare. ... I don't know how you sleep at night.
Answer from Brad Woodhouse, communications director for Americans United for Social Security (
Who the (expletive) are you and why do I care?
The email to Brad Woodhouse was sent by Tom Purcell, a columnist for Pittsburg Live in response to an email he had received from Woodhouse which contained the following:
The column said President Bush's attempt to "cut Social Security for 70 percent of Americans" could be compared to Napoleon's disastrous attempt to invade Russia.
Well, the bright side to this is that Woodhouse did not mention Bushitler or Nazis or Zionists or Tom Delay and there was no AAAAAAAAAAAWRG! screamed at Mr. Purcell.

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