Friday, May 20, 2005

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It is a little after 12:00 noon here and I can't find anything that pricks my interest enough to write about. So I have decided to just skate around and point you to other blogs and/or news articles whose writers are not suffering from the same cranial vacuum problem as I.

Marine Corps Moms has a report from LtCol Mundy in Al Qaim on the success of Operation Matador as well as a list of the nine Marines killed in action:
Our thoughts are also with the friends and families of the 9 Marines who died protecting their brothers in arms. I held a memorial service in their honor Sunday evening, 15 May in the orange light of a setting sun. These are the names of our fallen comrades:

SSgt Anthony L. Goodwin, Regimental Combat Team-2, attached to Lima Company, 3rd Battalion 25th Marines

SSgt Kendall H. Ivy II, Regimental Combat Team-2, attached to Lima Company, 3rd Battalion 25th Marines

Cpl Dustin A. Derga, Lima Company, 3rd Battalion 25th Marines

LCpl Lawrence R. Phillippon, Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines

LCpl Wesley G. Davids, Lima Company, 3rd Battalion 25th Marines

LCpl Nicholas B. Erdy, Lima Company, 3rd Battalion 25th Marines

LCpl Jonathan W. Grant, Lima Company, 3rd Battalion 25th Marines

LCpl Jordan L. Grez, 4th Combat Engineer Battalion, attached to Lima Company, 3rd Battalion 25th Marines

PFC Christopher R. Dixon, Lima Company, 3rd Battalion 25th Marines

There really is no greater love than he who lays his life down for his friends. They lived as warriors, died heroes, and will forever be honored. May God bless their memories and comfort their families. We also had wounded Marines who will require, in some cases, lengthy recovery times. Keep them and their families in your prayers as well, as we wish for a full recovery and return to 3/2.
And LtCol Mundy adds this note:
I've said this once before and it bears repeating: Mail and care packages from home continue to be a weekly highlight for our men. Anything you send from home reminds us of your love and support and really boosts morale. The generosity of all who've given does not go unnoticed.
Neil Boortz gets this completely wrong:
The United Way is cutting off the Boy Scouts. This time it's racial politics at work. The United Way wants more information on the racial makeup of the Scouts in Atlanta. Reason or excuse?
If you follow his link to the news report you see that his comment is inaccurate and misleading. Apparently he linked to a story that he did not bother to read. The Atlanta United Way unanimously approved a 1.5 million dollar grant to the Boy Scouts but froze the money until an audit can be completed by the Boy Scouts themselves to determine the number of minority scouts involved in their program. This is in response to a charge made by Rainbow/Push that the Scouts have been exaggerating the number of minority members for some years. Get it right, will you, Neil? Boortz does take the correct position regarding Sen. Rick Santorum's ridiculous comments in the Senate yesterday concerning Hitler, although Neil uses it for some Libertarian chest thumping.

From Mudville Gazette, Mrs. Greyhawk posts about Everyday Hero Kevin Pannell whose cell phone answering message is, "You've reached the coolest amputee in the world." Kevin arrived in Iraq on April Fools Day, was wounded in action on Friday the 13th, and had both legs amputated on Father's Day. He says:
Just because you lose a limb, or two, you don't lose your life. You gain a lot, really. I've gained more than I've lost with these two legs. I've got a complete new appreciation for life.
Mrs. Greyhawk takes a coffee break after posting this one.

What's happened to John Moore at Useful Fools?

Redsugar Muse offers this. The second one I don't understand, do you? However, I got this one.

Moxie is doing it as well. That is, steering readers to other sites.

Iowahawk has two great reads. The first one chronicles our too-close-to-home problems with violence stemming from MSM news reports and the second is a brief history of the New York Times, also mentioned here.

more to come as the day wears on - this is pretty easy. Much easier than doing any original work of my own.

The Ornery American link won't work today. So, I return you to this from Mr. Card.

Heretical Ideas offers this Quote of the Day:
"This is how liberty dies. With thunderous applause."
Padme Amidala
Bill Whittle has a new and no doubt excellent essay up, entitled; SANCTUARY. I say, "no doubt" because I haven't read it all, yet.

A. E. Brain from Australia points us to this excellent essay on the Second Most Objectional Vice, that being self-rightousness. I take some time in my advanced English classes to make sure that my students understand the difference between "rightousness" and "self-rightousnesness". Would that more people there in the USA understood this difference also. He also has a good quote in another post:
Friendship is the state of being unable to work out who is indebted to whom. And then remembering that you don't care.

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