Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Newsweek has done this before - two million died

In a breathtaking story, Arnaud de Borchgrave details how, in early fall of 1963, Newsweek ran a story which said, according to de Borchgrave,
Referring to Prince Sihanouk's powerful family, the article said, "The Queen mother runs a string of bordellos on the edge of the capital," Phnom Penh.
De Borchgrave goes on to say that, in fact, the bordello was on leased land which the queen mother owned but that she knew nothing of the lease let alone being the madam.

Mr. de Borchgrave goes on to detail how an enraged Prince Sihanouk demanded an apology which he never received from president Kennedy, who would be killed two months later in Dallas. The story then relates the chronology of events which led to Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge murdering two million Cambodians. Sihanouk allowed the NVA to use a port to help supply the Ho Chi Minh trail. When Nixon struck back at Cambodia, the NVA was driven deeper inside the country where it overwhelmed the Cambodian army and then turned the country over to Pol Pot.

Newsweek, therefore, with another bogus story, is responsible for the killing fields. Well, possibly not. The story is very complicated and spans several years, but I don't think it is anywhere near the equivalent of a butterfly flapping its wings and causing a hurricane several continents away.

Loose lips sink ships...and lots of people die. I wonder what Andrew thinks about this?

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