Wednesday, May 25, 2005

How strong is the force within you?

"THE FORCE IS STRONG WITH THIS ONE." (that would be me).

So sayeth Lord Vader, but I think I pissed him off. When I killed the page my computer crashed.

Hint: bowling ball. The Force overcame the Darkside for 9 minutes. (Thanks to Ace.)

UPDATE: Ok, OK. I realize that I am not supposed to use an "object", but this should have made it easier. Lord Vader guessed the bowling ball but it took him a long time. So I tried it again, this time with "iced tea". Lord Vader had to call upon an advisor (twice) who I guess was the King of the Burger people (the Burger King, heh heh). I defeat Lord Vader! 30 questions and he can't get it. One of the options at the end was "iced tea", so he had it in him. I think what got him was the question, "Is it colorful?" I thought about this for awhile and answered, "Yes." However, later on he asked me if it was brown. Again I answered in the affirmative. Then he guessed a "margarita". I've never seen a brown margarita, even down here. He ain't so tough. And he didn't kill my PC this time.

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