Thursday, May 26, 2005

Flushing the koran (quran, qu'ran, whatever)

The MSM has now torqued itself into a veritable frenzy of activity in reporting and hashing over and rehashing unsubstantiated charges of abuse of Islam's holy book, the koran (quran, qu'ran, whatever). Notice that I don't capitalize koran (quran, qu'ran, whatever). When is the last time that you saw someone capitalize "bible". Now, had I said "Holy Koran (Holy Quran, Holy Qu'ran, whatever) then possibly I would have capitalized the "k" ("q", "q", whatever). You no capitalize mine, I no capitalize yours.

This high-pitched squall from the MSM (WaPo, Reuters, AP), LAT) is in obvious defense of Newsweek and its now infamous retraction of its more infamous report of flushing a koran down the toilet at Gitmo. Ever try to flush a book down a toilet? I invite all of you very upset bloggers/citizen journalists to try it. Just one time. Go try to flush a book the approximate density and size of the koran down a toilet. Now, the WaPo report which is referenced above cleverly changes the wording to, "in the toilet". I have never heard, not once in my life, anyone say, "flush in the toilet". Never. Ask yourselves and answer honestly, have you?

Each and every one of these news reports cites unnamed sources and/or unsubstantiated charges. Also, the reports selectively quote FBI reports from 2003. That's two-thousand-three, as in 2 years ago. The purpose of all this panty bunching, panty knotting, panty twisting, bowels-in-uproar, fart crossways, fainting spell inducing hysteria is to excuse Newsweek's riot and death inducing now-retracted bogus report.

The response from the blogosphere, the usual mud-slinging, sarcastic, accusatory, "this proves we were right" and "this proves you were wrong" reaction has been breathtaking in its width and breadth. Today in Memeorandum there are 5 sources quoted concerning this issue (or non-issue if that is your bent) linking 42 responses from bloggers, if I counted them correctly. All this by 10:00 AM, CST.

Get. A. Life. - Get. A. Grip. - Get. Some. Perspective. So what if the koran was, in fact, desecrated? So what if, in fact, it was flushed in (or down) a toilet, or 10 toilets, or 100 toilets? So what? Does flushing in (or down) a toilet compare to this?
beating; administration of electric shocks and burns on the head and sensitive parts of the body; rape and other sexual abuse of women; non-therapeutic use of drugs; sleep deprivation; use of a form of torture known as el telefono, the telephone, consisting of blows with the palms of the hands on both ears simultaneously; la parrilla, the metal grill, consisting of electric shocks on the most sensitive parts of the victim's body (usually the genitals, mouth, temples, toes, wrists) while he or she is tied to a metal bed frame; the pau de arara, parrot's perch, in which the victim is trussed into a crouching position, with the arms hugging the legs, a pole being then passed through the narrow gap between the bent knees and the elbows, the ends resting on two trestles or desks - with the victimn in a position in which the head hangs downwards, electric current is then administered to sensitive parts of the body, and water squirted under high pressure into the mouth and nose until the victim is on the verge of suffocation; the submarino or baera, in which the victim's head is held under water almost to the point of suffocation.
or this?
Pictures of dead Iraqis, with their necks slashed, their eyes gouged out and their genitals blackened, fill a bookshelf. Jail cells, with dried blood on the floor and rusted shackles bolted to the walls, line the corridors.
or this?
Sometimes those who survive wish they were dead, as in Zernovodsk this summer, when townspeople say they were chased on to a field and made to watch women being raped. When their men tried to defend them, 68 of them were handcuffed to an armoured truck and raped too. After this episode, 45 of them joined the guerrillas in the mountains. One older man, Nurdi Dayeyev, who was nearly blind, had nails driven through his hands and feet because it was suspected that he was in contact with the fighters. When relatives later retrieved his remains, he was missing a hand. The relatives of another villager, Aldan Manayev, picked up a torso but no head. The families were forced to sign declarations that Dayeyev and Manayev had blown themselves up.
or this?
Berg then was pushed to the floor and screamed as one of the executioners wielded a large knife. The man sawed off Berg's head while the other captors shouted: "Allahu Akbar!" Arabic for "God is great."
Yeah, he's great is he not? The god of the koran. How about this?
Ethnic Infanticide and Forced Abortion
Perhaps the report's most shocking finding is that repatriated pregnant women imprisoned in the jip-kyul-so are subjected to forced abortion. In the cases of advanced pregnancy, babies were killed immediately after birth. The goal of the regime is to eliminate children that may have been fathered by Han Chinese men.
How about this one?
The country (Saudi Arabia) has one of the highest execution rates in the world. Last year 123 people were executed for "crimes" including witchcraft and sodomy. Amnesty International reported 34 cases of amputations as punishment last year. Seven were cases of "cross-amputation" where the right hand and left foot are cut off. A man had his eye surgically removed as punishment.
And there are thousands and thousands more examples like this one. Google them or Wickipedia them or Lexis/Nexis them or whatever you would like. And the images and videos available are too nasty for me to post here. But you can check them out.

I do not in any way condone the violation of US law in the treatment of prisoners, be they civilian or military. But let's get real, here. Let's join the real world. The terrible things that governments perpetrate upon their own citizens every day of the year, year after year, in many cases prescribed by law in those countries, in many cases prescribed by Sharia law, are so much more gross violations of human beings than flushing a koran in or down the toilet that it renders this whole koran desecration business laughable.

What we do here is investigate the charges and, if enough substance and evidence is found to warrant prosecution, said prosecution then takes place. Then we hash it out and develop ways to try to prevent a reoccurrance. That is the way it works here. That is the way it worked there, at Gitmo, in 2003. That is the way it works in a system governed by rule of law. A Judeo-Christian system.

Anyone who does not believe that the Constitution of the United States, the Declaration of Independence, our laws and codes and customs are or were not founded on Judeo-Christian belief are deluding themselves. In God we trust, remember? One basic tenant of Christianity, at least my Chistianity, is the tolerance of other beliefs. We might think they are wrong or misguided in some way or in many ways, but they are tolerated so long as the basic tenants of Judeo-Chritian beliefs are not violated. Sharia law with its beheadings, amputations, lashings and eye-gougings are violations of basic Judeo-Christian beliefs and will never be understood or accepted or tolerated in The United States, nor should it ever be. Since your koran is the source of this "law", then is is not worthy of respect and its desecration is no desecration at all.

So, continue the investigations, root out any wrongdoers, punish them and let us get on with life (and the war).

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