Tuesday, May 31, 2005

First ever - urban tree sit

Make what you will of this.
HOOD RIVER, Ore. -- Hood River police seem unfazed by a young man who has vowed to spend a week suspended high in a tree in the center of town.

Anthony Villagomez, 24, started his tree sit at 11 p.m. Sunday night and said he was going strong. He has five gallons of water and enough granola and to last him through the end of the week.

Hood River Police Lieutenant Jerry Brown said that as long as Villagomez presents no threat to the public or to himself, he is free to stay up there.

Villagomez, who is trained as an arborist, says he is staging the tree sit to protest the Bush administration's forest policies. He says he believes his is the first truly urban tree sit.
As opposed to the much more common rural tree sit, of course.

UPDATE: Just thinking; where I come from we call rural tree sitting, "deer hunting".

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