Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Dummies (updated)

Two U. S. Border Patrol agents held in Mexico when they crossed the border in a personal vehicle with 1300 rounds of ammo. They are being held at the Mexicali prison (a real garden spot), and face federal ammunitions charges. Morons. Anyone, especially a border patrol agent, who doesn't know by now how seriously this narco-democracy views its weapon's laws needs to seek employment elsewhere.

Update: Televisa showed these two guys (Mexican authorities almost always parade their captured in front of the cameras) as well as the nearly 1300 rounds of ammo they were carrying. 1200 or so rounds were .40 caliber FMJ cartridges which their boss says were probably US government issue. Another 100 rounds or so were .223 which the Border Patrol says had to be the personal property of the two morons. What they were doing crossing into Mexico in a personal vehicle dressed in civvies with almost 1300 rounds of HIGHLY illegal cartridges (with no attempt to hide them - they were sitting on the back seat) is still being investigated. I'm looking for photos but have yet to find any. Developing.

Update: Their names are German Verdugo and David Allen Navarro and they are assigned to the El Centro sector, which covers Riverside and Imperial counties.


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