Friday, May 20, 2005

A new low for the ACLU

"The consent judgment is repeatedly violated by these individuals because they do not believe anything will happen to them," the ACLU said in its Wednesday court filing. "Their refusal to comply with the consent decree should and must result in their removal from society."
Who is the ACLU referring to here? Foreign terrorists, McChimpster Bushitler fanatics running amok, robber baron industrialists poisoning earth land, sea and air? No, no and no. Rapists, murderers and pedophiles? Nope, nope and huh-uh. Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson? Nein, nein. The ACLU wants some school officials and elementary school teachers removed from society.

There has been a 10 year struggle between the Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana school district and the ACLU over Christian prayer in the classroom, over the schools' loudspeaker systems, before and after schoolboard meetings etc. The school district has apparently lost at every turn, but the ACLU says in its latest court filing that some teachers and school officials are ignoring the ban imposed by a federal court and demands their "removal from society".

Now I would hope that a federal judge would reign with a cooler head and figure out some other way to deal with the problem. I will be the first to say that one cannot ignore a federal court order without paying some type of penalty, but "removal from society"?

"Removal from society." That sounds suspiciously like "terminate with extreme prejudice" or Bush's now broadly understood, "bring them to justice".

I cain't even pernounce "Tangipahoa", kin y'all? Hell, jist shoot dem sumbitches, whah dontcha?

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