Wednesday, July 27, 2005

7/7 London Bombers Had 16 More Bombs

I've been writing personal thank-you notes and let this get by. The 4 London 7/7 bombers had 16 more nail bombs which police discovered in a car. What were they, spares? Did maybe these guys misunderstand their instructions and blow themselves, and 52 innocents, away with the first bomb instead of the last one? Four bombers and 20 bombs. When you visit the Times of London link, above, you'll see an X-ray of one of the nail bombs, designed to shred flesh.

Michele Catalano - Anyone protesting the checking of bags can kiss my ass.

UPDATE: Bigger, scarier photo at the BBC. And then this from The Guardian: "They bought roundtrip train tickets and paid for long-term parking." Maybe these poor bastards didn't know they were suicide bombers at all.

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