Monday, July 25, 2005

Vegetable oil excites Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda, America's favorite fraternizer-with-the-enemy will make a cross-country bus tour, in a vegetable oil powered bus, to protest the war in Iraq. She says it will be "exciting". No word on when she expects to meet with Abu Musab al-Zarqawi whilst sitting on an IED and waving around an AK-47.

Michelle Malkin - The suspense was killing us.
Basil's Blog - one of today's lunch specials.
The Uncooperative Blogger - Coming out? Go back in.
The Daily Pundit - pretty exciting and pretty disgusting.
EckerNet - flower power no longer adequate - must use vegetable oil.
Residual Forces - Jane ready to insult another generation of vets.
The Dead Pool - Back to her old ways.
Social Sense - Treason, the ugliest of words.
DinoCrat - a new gift to the GOP.
The Liberal Lie - the joke of the 60's becomes the joke of 2006.
The Museum of Left Wing Lunacy points out that it will be a magic bus.
Bubba's Back Porch - studying bugs is exciting for some people.
Jayson at PoliPundit - sometimes the political jokes tell themselves.
McQ at QandO - Oooohhh [squeal] it's going to be "pretty exciting" as she tours in the Crisco Express.
The Political Teen - I hope Sean Hannity got the memo, because I can’t wait for him to tear her apart again.
The Unalienable Right - Hanoi Jane is back!
Thirty Second Thoughts - Haven't you learned anything in the past 40 years?
California Conservative - Well, ain’t that special?
Blackfive predicts that the sales of Hanoi Jane urinal stickers will rise significantly.

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