Friday, July 29, 2005

Irish judge says no pink underwear

This report in The Arizona Republic gives you an indication of why Europe is fast sinking under the weight of corruption, immigrant gangs and crime.

An Irish judge has refused to extradite Patrick Oliver Colleary, a Catholic Priest accused of having sex with a 13 year-old boy, to Arizona to face trial. These are some of the reasons given.
The charges were filed 25 years after the alleged crimes took place.
Arizona's practice of denying bond to certain accused sex offenders violated rights under the Irish Constitution.
Prior newspaper coverage would endanger Colleary's chances of getting a fair trial.
He feared that Colleary would be sent to a Maricopa County jail and kept under inhumane conditions that included wearing pink underwear.
Judge Phillip O'Sullivan of the Irish High Court also included a permanent injunction against future extradition attempts. So, I guess that in Ireland an accused sex offender is free to roam the streets, molesting at will until convicted, if the victim doesn't tell for a long time, then the pedophilia is A-Ok, and pink underwear is a serious violation of a pedophile's rights. What a schmuck.

Just a thought. This kind of a defense is very expensive. I wonder who or what institution is paying for it?

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