Monday, July 25, 2005

I'm vindicated: Pop music sucks

"Please be advised that in this week's Jennifer Lopez Top 40 Spin Increase of 236 we bought 63 spins at a cost of $3,600."

"Please be advised that in this week's Good Charlotte Top 40 Spin Increase of 61 we bought approximately 250 spins at a cost of $17K..."

" stations in the Top 23 markets will receive $1000, Markets 23-100 get $800, lower markets $500."

"We ordered a laptop for Donnie Michaels at WFLY in Albany. He has since moved to WHYI in Miami. We need to change the shipping address."

"Can you work with Donnie to see what kind of digital camera he wants us to order?"

"I am trying to buy a walkman for Toya Beasley at WRKS/NY.... Can PRS get it to me tomorrow by 3 p.m.... I really need to get the cd by then or I have to wait a week or two before she does her music again ..."

"Gave a jessica trip to wkse to secure Jessica (Simpson) spins and switchfoot."

"Two weeks ago it cost us over 4000.00 to get Franz (Ferdinand) on WKSE."
Sony Music internal memos detailing payola costs to DJ's to play really crummy music. Sony will now be paying Eliot Spitzer 10 million dollars and he's just getting started on the music industry.

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