Thursday, July 21, 2005

London - wise advice from Russia, with love

Russian Foreign and Defense Policies Council Chairman Sergei Karaganov says that the London terror attacks were not linked with Iraq. Interfax reports that Mr. Karaganov made the following statement:
"This is a demonstration and an attempt to sow seeds of fear and upset stability in another winner civilization, of which London is an indisputable center."

"The demand for the withdrawal of the troops from Iraq is only a pretext and a formal justification."

"Even if all of the troops were theoretically removed from Iraq, thousands of terrorists currently located in Iraq would spread all over the world, which is even worse."
Interesting statement and it supports the Bush / Blair / Howard premise that the western world would be in as great if not greater danger if we were to dump Iraq.


Others looking beyond Iraq: Jeff Goldstein - Why doesn't he write something like this every day?
Southern Appeal, No More Mister Nice Blog with a question I don't understand.
Jeff Jarvis has one hell of a good idea. I think Charles Johnson is well on his way there, already. and at the top of the list of good guys would be Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali, or maybe Salim Mansur.

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