Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Hello Memeorandum

Mark in Mexico appeared for the first time today in Memeorandum. That is a big leap forward for this little blog. Memeorandum is where the elite meet to eyeball each other's pontifications on, well, just about everything. It is the first web page that I open each day to see what I missed whilst wasting time sleeping.

There are a whole host of people that I would like to thank, a list too long to post here and probably there are some that I don't even realize played a part. Obviously, the visitors, commenters and bloggers who trackback here. Please keep on a'comin'. However, there are a few people whom I would like to take an extra moment to thank.

Roger L. Simon, who gave me the very first "hat tip" that I ever received from another blogger.

Charles Johnson, who gave me the second one which convinced me that Roger wasn't just drunk.

Glenn Reynolds who sent enough traffic my way over the past few weeks to keep me whacking away at my keyboard.

Jim Treacher who just last week forwarded to me an email he had sent to The Guardian. I printed that email as a post and received 15,000 hits on it. I hope he finds Puce someday because I know he and Captain Americrunch miss him.

Lucianne, whose site is No. 2 on my hit list every morning and to whom I almost always neglect to give credit. Lucianne, you should automatically generate an email to me each week, like early Monday mornings, saying, "Link us, you bastard!"

Jeff Goldstein, whose posts I almost never understand, for sending me traffic on a nearly once a week basis, in spite of his loyalty to the loser Orioles and mine to the All-Time Greatest World Champion New York Yankees.

And finally, to a guy who doesn't blog anymore. His was one of the most popular blogs on the net at one time and his absence has left us all the poorer for it. He is the reason that I started this blog. He used to have a little note at the top of his sidebar that read, "Please read before issuing Fatwa." Before I had a blog of my own and was just a visitor and inane commenter, I probably saw that little note a thousand times or more. One night, I clicked on it just to see what it said. As I remember, it went something like this, "This is my blog and if you don't like it, cram here and start your own." And I did. I hope this finds you, somewhere. Thanks, Allah.

UPDATE: Goodness, how could I leave this guy out? Hugh Hewitt, who liked a post, mentioned the blog and quoted the post on Right Talk Radio with the Ace of Spades and Karol.

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