Sunday, July 24, 2005

Ah, Mossad. You guys again?

We knew it. The Jooz did it!

The world's most experienced and respected "security experts" and "political analysts", who all happen to be Egyptian, agree:
  • Fuad Allam, Retired army general, on Egyptian state-run TV: "I'm almost certain that Israel was also behind this attack because they want to undermine our government and deal a severe blow to our economy. The only ones who benefit from these attacks are the Israelis and the Americans (American Jooz, I presume)." and ...investigations have shown that the mastermind of the Taba attack was a Palestinian "apparently linked to Israel's security forces."
  • Dia Rashwan, an expert on Islamic terror groups, from Cairo, on Al Arabiya: "Israel is the only country that benefits from this." and "All the available details indicate that only the Israelis could have done this."
  • Majdi Birnawi, another security expert, on Al Jazeera: "I believe that Mossad or some other [Israeli] security organization carried out this attack,"

Well, they didn't blame Karl Rove, there is that.

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