Saturday, July 30, 2005

Woods vs Singh - 1 vs 2

Tiger Woods shot a spectacular 11 under 61, including back-to-back eagles to climb back into contention in the Buick Open. He's 1 shot back of world #2 Vijay Singh and they will play head-to-head today and maybe Sunday also.

This is what athletics are all about and it doesn't really happen that often, especially in golf, that the top two performers meet head-to-head. Woods has been working for almost three years to redesign his swing, probably to take pressure off of a bum knee. He's a smart guy and I think he realized that if he didn't do something drastic, his career was bound to be short-lived. The new swing imparts far less torque in his bad knee than did the old swing, with which he was the best player in golf, by far.

Woods is the type of competitor who believes he should win every tournament he enters. Singh has always given me the impression, perhaps unfairly, that he was just a tad miffed at Woods' fame, glory, money and records. Now he gets a rare chance to beat Woods, up close and personal. After the round that Woods had today, odds are that Singh will fail again. But in golf, one never knows.

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