Friday, July 29, 2005

Cindy Adams not too fonda Jane

The New York Post's Cindy Adams, gossip columnist extraordiaire, goes nutz on Jane Fonda.
Aren't we lucky? Isn't it great? We have patriotic ingrate Jane Fonda, the multiple divorceé who was born with a silver hoof in her mouth, acting as spokespig for our country again. Although she's born here, isn't there a way we can throw her out since her basic career is to bad-mouth the United States of America? If being a smoker is against the law, how about being a traitor? If spitting on the sidewalk is not allowed, how come spitting on the U.S.A. is OK? If double-parking gets a fine, shouldn't there be some small punishment for treason?

Hanoi Jane taking the money she made in this God-blessed country and spending it on a nationwide oink against us? Hanoi Jane who in 1972 betrayed United States prisoners of war during the blood-filled Vietnam days? Harming our nation and then apologizing just long enough to sell a book, a video or a monster of a movie? Three husbands left her. The whole rest of us should, too.

While signing her book someplace, this woman announced a hideous anti-Iraq bus tour she intends to take. She now announces she'll take her 32-year-old son, Troy, with her. Isn't anyone going to stop this? Isn't there some law against this? And her kid's comment about why mummy dearest is doing it? "I guess she thinks it's time for people to do something."

I know what they can do. They can drive her the hell out of here. Look, we don't all favor this war, but we do favor our country. Right or wrong, it's our country. We love it. We support it. We do not help the enemy.
Couldn't have said it better myself.

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