Monday, July 25, 2005

Weep for Canada

But find and close all the tunnels.

There was a meeting held in May between dozens of Canadian Muslim leaders and Canadian Public Safety Minister Anne McLellan.

This is how a McClellan spokesman Alex Swann described the meeting:
We feel it was constructive, positive.
Here is how the meetings arranger, Adam Esse, described it:
If you talk, you remove a lot of misconceptions, a lot of misunderstandings.
Here is what Aly Hindy, the head of Scarborough's Salaheddin Islamic Centre, says he told Minister McClellan:
If you try to cross the line I can't guarantee what is going to happen.

Our young people, we can't control.

... our women are the most valuable thing to us.

...for a Muslim, honour is more important than his life.
Later, he said in a interview that police came to him and said "This is a kind of a threat." His response:
But it's for the good of this country.

And they said, "Do you know some of the names of those people you expect to cause some problems?"

And I said, "You just open the telephone directory."
In a flyer that Hindy is distributing to mosques, he states:
We believe CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service ) should stop terrorizing us.

CSIS is powerless. CSIS has no authority over you.

If CSIS agents come to your door, do not open [it] for them.
Minister McClellan's post 7/7 advice for the Canadian people:
Canadians must become "psychologically prepared" for such an attack.
Ace of Spades HQ likewise recognizes terrorist threats as "good for the country." (Another link I botched. Sorry Ace, although it was only posted for 4 hours, far less than my unilaterally imposed 24 hr. grace period.)

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