Friday, July 29, 2005

Burger King - not thinking

What was Burger King thinking? Burger King launched a new advertising campaign for chicken fries. They assembled a hard rock band called "COQ ROQ". Then, on Burger King's website, they posted photos of young women with captions like, "Groupies love the Coq".

Now, Burger King is getting yelled at and frantically deleting photo captions. On what planet do these people live?

These things aren't done on the spur of the moment. A "professional" advertising agency comes up with a slew of ideas. Burger King executives meet with the advertising company's executives as the various ideas are presented. There are discussions about the pros and cons of each idea. Burger King chose the Coq.

Then the idea is fleshed out (no pun intended) and a plan with a budget is presented to the Burger King executives. After watching the presentation, Burger King executives okayed the Coq.

Now large sums of money are spent to assemble the band, tryouts, costumes, equipment, rehearsals, etc. Also the hiring of models and photographers, costumes, photoshoots, website design, promotion planning, etc. so that Burger King could properly present the Coq.

After all this expenditure of time, effort, planning and money, Burger King has to eat the... whole cost.

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