Monday, July 25, 2005

The BBC just hates America and Americans

Here is the headline of the Cycling page of the BBC's Sports section this morning:
Armstrong not greatest - Hinault
For those of you who may not know, Bernard Hinault of France won the Tour de France 5 times. When I saw the headline, the anti-French swelling and blood pressure rise began immediately. But then I read further. Here is what Hinault really said, as quoted by the BBC itself.
"You cannot compare. The bikes are different, the opponents are different."
Hinault then goes on to complement Armstrong, again as quoted by the BBC itself:
"Armstrong was obsessed by the Tour. He does everything to do it and as he wins, he is the one who is right.

"The others, who finish second or third, are not good. They have not understood everything yet."
Where does Hinault say that Armstrong is "not the greatest"? Nowhere, that's where. The BBC just cannot refrain from taking every possible shot at America and Americans that it possibly can.

Imagine this; The BBC asks Mark in Mexico,
"Who was the best ever, Babe Ruth or Barry Bonds?"
Mark in Mexico responds with the only possible correct answer and adds just a touch of snark,
"You really can't compare the two because of the vast gulf between their respective eras. The Babe imbibed hot dogs and beer while Barry imbibes steroids."
The BBC's screaming headline:
Mark in Mexico says Bonds not the greatest and is drug addict.

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