Monday, July 11, 2005

Don't wear these T-shirts, either.

Just a small example of the wonderful imaginations of the loyal opposition manifested in T-shirt art.

Other aficionados of the art of T-shirt political discourse:
John Cole is tired of this - from both sides.
Michelle Malkin - Left's underlying derangement
The American Princess - Left pockmarked by hate
The Land of Ozz - Bush bashers on notice
Flap's Blog - more T-shirt artwork

Iowa Voice - wingnuts banned but forgiven
Basil's Blog - underwear police
Jo's Blog - MoveOn worried that this art will be taken out of context.
Project Nothing - clear on why wingnuts were banned. So, why were they unbanned?
Undiscovered Country - "Let's look like they do." Meaning normal patriotic Americans, I suppose.

ReidBlog - pot meets kettle
The Political Teen - intelligent comment by Johnny. Thanks. Johnny

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