Friday, July 01, 2005

Empty seat at SCOTUS - O'Conner retires

And the war is joined. Two immensely powerful forces meet in the political equivalent of toe to toe nuclear combat to fill the seat. What great entertainment this will be. Warning: Don't misunderestimate the Chimpster, again.

Is Andrew Sullivan weeping in anticipatory despair, yet?

Will the Chimpster shove yet another bitter defeat up the throats of the unhinged left?

Will the equally unhinged far right be sold down the river yet again by the evil Chimpster?

How many $$$$billions$$$$ has Halliburton bid for the seat?

Was Chaney's battery put on full charge last night and does he have backup power supplies readily available?

Will the Nazis, Mao, Josef, and Polly Pot demand a voice?

Will it be Cornyn or Priscilla Owen?

Only the pundits know all these answers for sure, and they cannot agree.

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