Sunday, July 03, 2005

"It wasn't Karl"

The New York Post Online Edition: reports this morning that the Plame case special prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald, assured Karl Rove' lawyer in October, 2003 and then again just last week that Rove is not a target of his investigation.

Speaking to the AP yesterday; Rove's Lawyer:
"Karl did nothing wrong. Karl didn't disclose Valerie Plame's identity to Mr. Cooper or anybody else," Luskin said. Luskin said the question remains unanswered: "Who outed this woman? . . . It wasn't Karl."
"Wanting Rove to be the fall guy won't make it so." - Lucianne Goldberg

Oh, and the second HOT HOT story yesterday from Editor and Publisher Magazine, Plame Grand Jury Wants Records for Air Force One Phone Calls , was pulled after a couple of hours because,
Story posted here for about an hour Saturday afternoon was accurate, but from 2004, and has been pulled from the site. We apologize.
Skating around the blogosphere indicates that, if all of the above is factual, the evil enemies of The Dark Lord Rove will be eating very sour grapes for their Fourth of July dinners - bon apetit!. Or, I should say, "Buen provecho!"

And when will NBC do something about that maniac, Lawrence O'Donnell? Euthanasia comes first to mind. They shoot horses, don't they?

Oh yeah? Well, that guy says::
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Eponymous - ...I'm not holding my breath
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Bluegrass Report - Let's see them weasel out...
The Huffington Post - Rove stays mum. - Cynical Sunday
bRight and Early - leaves this discussion for later
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Quality Peoples - It was Rove!
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nyk - It has never been this bad.


tas said...

I would read that NY Post article, but they have registration and plus a crappy system to sign up for an account, since they're website won't let me do it. So I can't read anything that they have to say.

Jack Ballinger said...

Matt Cooper has just said that he will testify. Asked what changed his mind, Mr. Cooper said that his "source" had JUST CALLED AND RELEASED HIM FROM HIS PERSONAL PROMISE OF CONFIDENTIALITY!
As I was saying, Mark, Karl Rove had NEVER released Cooper from his pledge, no matter what obfuscation his lawyer and White House spin machine fooled you with.
And, I do agree with you when you say "In fact, I don't know of anyone who did not rush to release reporters of the confidentiality pledge. To not do so would have been kind of like refusing to take a lie detector test."

Any reply?