Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Mossad willing to sacrifice some Jews

In this opinion piece, Daniel Finkelstein is angry that Mossad didn't warn him prior to the London terrorist bombings. The ongoing conspiracy theory (I say ongoing because you hear it or something like it after every major terrorist strike) is that Mossad warned Benjamin Netanyahu to leave his hotel room right above one of the bombing sites just before the blast. Mr. Finkelstein is cross that he was not warned. Some Jews are more equal than others. As you can tell by his name, Mr. Finkelstein is not Chinese, just as you can determine from my name that I am not Kyrgyzstani ("Mark" contains one vowel per syllable).

Mr. Finkelstein's real point here is that the British are being too polite to win this war. He uses a fascinating photocopier queue study at Harvard as one example, then the BBC's airbrushed headlines where "terrorist" was removed and replaced with "bomber" and "peacetime bomb attacks" as another example. He determines that those to blame for these bombings are the British themselves. Too polite and with not enough salt to tell it like it is.

He makes a good point.

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