Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Nicolas Sarkozy's forbidden question

Nicolas Sarkozy asks the forbidden question:

"I can't get around the idea of France piling up the disappointments without stopping to ask if, just by chance, it's not us who are wrong and the rest of the world that's right.

If everything the world does is bad and unfair and that everything we do carries the seal of total genius?

I'm calling for a tiny little critical examination that won't hurt France's image at all."

List of France's latest disappointments:

  • Lost 2012 Olympics to London - accuses Tony Blair of corruption
  • 10% unemployment with economic stagnation forecast to continue
  • Totally removed from Israeli / Palestinian peace process
  • Chirac slapped in face by EU Constitution defeat
  • Chirac at 77% no-confidence rating (he wouldn't do that badly in the U.S.)
  • Villepin wants influence over EU Central Bank - rest of Europe guffaws
  • Le Monde writes "president is no longer a central element of European unity."
  • Secretary General of Chirac's own party says, "fed up with the socialistic monarchy"
  • Lance Armstrong kicking butt again

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