Monday, July 11, 2005

Sherlock Holmes, James Bond, we need you.

Scotland Yard and MI5 ask for help.

Few leaks, no leads, no suspects.

In this extraordinary report from the NYT, Britain has asked for help in tracking down those responsible for 49 dead and more than 1000 wounded in the London terror bombings last week.

The report claims that there was a highly unusual private meeting in London on Sunday with European intelligence community representatives to help the British. The European countries seem to be taking this as an attack against all, not just against the British. What seems most shocking is that British anti-terror intelligence was considered cutting edge due to that countries intelligence-sharing partnership with the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Looking at that list of countries, the weak links would seem to me to be Britain, Canada and New Zealand. The leftist/socialist governments of all three countries have allowed their soft spot for human rights to endanger their citizens. They have allowed almost unlimited immigration of Islamists, failed to take much, if any action against alleged terrorists living, working and continuing to spew hate in their midst, and, with the exception of the British government, denounced the U. S. and British GWoT.

There has been a mountain of literature written and published in the last ten years or so warning that Europe's immigration policies would backfire - and they have.

If those countries' politicians, as well as the politicians in Canada and New Zealand don't wake up, the murder and mayhem will take an unimaginable toll. I watched Gerald Posner this morning on Fox and he had predicted that this would happen. Posner (whose wife is British) took it a step further by accusing the British government of near complicity in the deaths of its citizens. As an example, after the terrorist attack in Luxor, Egypt that killed 58 tourists in 1997, the Egyptian government issued arrest warrants for 15 suspects. Seven of those suspects were located in Britain and the British government immediately arrested - zero. Not one of them. They were placed under surveillance. That's all. Have all seven of those guys been under 24/7 surveillance for the last 8 years? I doubt that. Have they been allowed unrestricted travel across Europe's non-existent borders? I do not doubt that.

It would appear that only five countries have taken the GWoT seriously internally. The United States, Australia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The first four because the tracking down of Islamists has been carried out with vigor inside their own borders and the fifth, Saudi Arabia, has encouraged the terrorists within its borders to, uh, expand their horizons. In the Saudis' case, they have been perfectly happy for the terrorists to emigrate elsewhere to carry out their murders and assassinations. Not exactly a great help, thank you, although the Saudis have killed and arrested a great number that decided not to leave and instead attacked the Saudis themselves.

Now Europe, Canada and New Zealand are in real trouble. The cancer of Islamofascism has been allowed to penetrate and metasticize inside there own countries and will be very difficult to find and remove. I wish them luck but I fear that their Pollyanna attitude is going to hurt us.

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