Friday, July 15, 2005

Washington is a town without pity

Dick Morris, speaking from firsthand experience, says,
Washington is a mean town where human sacrifice
has been raised to an art form.
Morris, if you will recall, was fired by Clinton for allowing his paid companions to listen in on his phone conversations with Clinton and for toe sucking - those of his companions, not Clinton's. Neither of these activities are against the law. Both of these activities generated white noise from Clinton's and Morris's political enemies.

He says that, after a rash of presidential axings of staffers who had not been indicted, much less convicted, by Nixon, Reagan and Clinton, president Clinton raised the bar (when he personally was the accused) and hunkered down to await indictment, trial and conviction. That seems to me to be more in tune with American rule of law than the firing of someone as a result of accusation, rumor, innuendo, bad press and blogswarms.

Via Joe Gandelman


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