Tuesday, June 20, 2006

2 soldiers found dead -- self flagellation commences

The two soldiers captured by the Iraqi terrorists have been found dead in Baghdad. The usual self flagellation begins as expected.

Andrew Sullivan reminds us that he doesn't know squat about the Geneva Conventions:
All we can do apart from searching for them is pray for them. But Rude Pundit has some thoughts about what we'll say if we discover that they have been tortured. Money quote:

What will our government do? What could it do? Could it condemn the actions as not abiding by the Geneva Conventions? Could it call the actions "torture"? Could it demand accountability? Could it demand that the soldiers be treated as POWs? Could it simply say, "Well, we don't do that shit ... anymore"?

No it couldn't. Pray for the safe rescue of the soldiers - and for the president who abandoned Geneva.
Shakespeare's Sister blames it all on us, as expected:
The thing is, I'm willing to bet that we're going to be seeing more stories like this as time goes on. As more news comes out about torture and murder, when we hear stories of "Hadji girl" songs and accountability is either weak or completely ignored, brutality will be met with brutality.

Barbarism met with barbarism. Torture and murder met with torture and murder.

An unwinnable war. An "enemy" that will never be wiped out. No end in sight. No plan.

And another family buries their butchered child.
This one comments on two murdered Americans with:
Cheney woke up from his nap long enough to spew more lies
This one is weeping over the reaping, or so she claims:
And this whirlwind that we have sown . . . well the reaping of it continues to be done on the backs of an awful lot of grunts on the ground and innocent civilians who keep getting caught in the crossfire. And we will continue to reap it for generations to come.

Iraq is a mess. And our soldiers deserve better than to be left hanging out there because the President and his Secretary of Defense decided to do a little experiment about war on the cheap, never mind that the policy was fatally flawed to start with because it was built on lies.
This one can't understand why Americans get angry and blame the murderers instead of Karl Rove:
Instead, there's still a large chunk of the populace that thinks of this as our war, and that reacts to every soldier's death primarily with outrage at the killers, and only then, if at all, with exasperation at the American leaders who sent the soldiers into the killers' paths.
This gambler wants to make a bet on beheading:
Want to bet that these brave soldiers were not only tortured, but also beheaded?
Uh, no. But, thanks, anyway.

This one claims not to be "some raving lunatic, an ideologue, or an idiot," then blames Gateway Pundit.

This one blames John Hinderaker.

This one says we've all been "Dicked":
And what are we now hostage to but a thinking and a continuing set of semantics. Here we face a Long War, but not the one Bush tells us about. We are in the midst of throes some may not see.

Our leaders may be making war, but it is not the war they claim. It is bigger than Iraq, than the Middle-East, than Islam, or than terrorism. It is a war against civilization itself, and it is a war against us - all of us.
But that last chicken gets choked by a Confederate Yankee:
Do you actually read what you type? Do the words resonate in your head at all before you hit the "submit" button?

You somehow have your mind so twisted that you actually think that a war against those who use power drills to torture people, who use suicide bombs to kill schoolchildren, is evil.

Do you honestly think that fighting terrorism and Islamic extremists is "a war against civilization itself?" Obviously you must, as you quote it.

I think that says far more about who you are than you know.
I can answer the Yankee's questions. No. No. Yes.

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