Friday, June 09, 2006

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson wishes Zarqawi his best.

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Congratulations to President George Bush and U.S. military forces for fulfilling their mission to wipe out the number one terrorist in Iraq. This is a magnificent victory which deals a major blow to global Jihadists. It also brings our troops closer to fulfilling their mission and makes the world a safer place.

Zarqawi led a campaign of terror in Iraq. He personally beheaded American hostages and was called "the prince of al-Qaida" by Osama bin Laden. This accomplishment is a testament to the U.S. military’s courage and persistence in pinpointing and destroying this evil man.

May God continue to bless President Bush and the U.S. military for their continued resolve to fight al-Qaida terrorists. I hope that all Americans are rejoicing over this great news.

May Zarqawi’s soul burn in hell with seventy two devils.

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