Saturday, June 24, 2006

Mark in Mexico to supply pirated L.A.Times

Patterico cancels his L.A.Times subscription. Rod Danziger does likewise. Mark in Mexico has leaped into the breach.

I will now be supplying Patterico, Danziger and any others who wish a pirated version of the L.A. Times. Here in Mexico I can visit just about any market or major shopping area and buy pirated versions of just about anything. New York Yankee baseball caps in the distinctive Yankee red and white, University of Michigan sweaters in that institution's famous burgundy and silver, Pittsburgh Steelers' sweatshirts in the awesome green and gold etc. I have now located a source for pirated L.A. Times dailies.

A blogger who insists upon anonimity has already asked, "What will you charge for this service?"
"Five per week," I responded.
"Five dollars?", he queried.
"No, five cents," said I.

Here's what your 5 cents (5 Lincoln pennies or 1 buffalo head nickel) will buy! Mark in Mexico, moderate to conservative opinion on news politics government and current events. News and opinion on Mexico. Los Angeles Times Patterico

Roger Simon says that soon the L.A. Times will be giving away the newspaper, anyway. That would put my newly found gold mine out of business. But that's ok. I've already identified another market for pirated goods to replace my L.A. Times racket. Pirated Enron stock certificates. Man, do these things ever look real. The North Korean government forgers must be eating their hearts out over this one.

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