Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Well, maybe The Times they are a'changin'.

After getting slapped around pretty well in 6 articles carried by The Sunday Times (of London), here they come with an article, or commentary or opinion piece -- I can't really tell -- and say the right thing:
America's determination to demonstrate zero tolerance of such crimes should also be acknowledged; they in no way reflect US policy, or typify the conduct of American forces. Al-Haditha must not be made the subplot of a spurious morality play whose demon king is not terrorism, but the use and alleged abuse of US power.
The writer(s) go on to pretty well lay out the bottom line:
Were it to become politically impossible for a president to keep America's forces engaged from its shores, then the backbone of international security would be broken. America-bashing may be a popular sport, but its adherents prefer not to contemplate its consequences.
Again, I cannot determine who wrote this article. It appears in The Times section labeled "Comment" and under the sub-heading "Leading Articles" but is not attributed to anyone. I checked two other articles under the same sub-heading and they were not attributed either.

So, who wrote this?

Ugly American says it's an editorial. That would indicate to me that this is the editorial position of The Times of London. Hmmm. That would put The Times of London on a par with the New York Post, . . . and, uh . . ., er . . . that's about it as far as daily newspapers go. Two newspapers out of 20 or 30 thousand around the world are willing to support the United States and give us the benefit of the doubt. That's why I get all of my up-to-date-breaking-this-just-in-hot-off-the-wires news from The Onion.

Wardytron at Harry's Place says that the Times was treated unfairly over the Haditha photo gaffe. I'm not so sure about that after reading the 6 articles in The Sunday Times (see my previous post) but maybe he's right.

Blue Crab Boulevard agrees that it was "an outstanding editorial".

John at Argghhh reminds us the "this from the (not New York) Times.

Dadmanly says that this editorial appeared in The Sunday Times, also.

Its as if the newspaper is schitzophrenic.

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