Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Latest injury report


Yankees: Matsui - broken wrist
Red Sox: Wells - sore right knee
Toronto: Zerbisias - sprained wrist, dislocated elbow, dislocated shoulder . . . huh?

Who is Zerbisias? Oh, it's the Toronto Star, not the Toronto star. And Zerbisias is Antonia Zerbisias who suffered her injuries while furiously patting herself and her newspaper on the back for its coverage of the recent terrorist arrests in Canada. This will be one of the most self-aggrandizing and ungracious articles you have ever read. Zerbisias, whom I venture to say no one outside a small enclave in Toronto has ever heard of -- or is ever likely to hear of -- gleefully slams the other major Canadian newspapers, American newspapers and bloggers. And all of this over what must have been the first ever exclusive for the newspaper since its founding as the spectacularly unsuccessful Evening Star in 1892.

Incredibly boorish and an embarrassment to the Toronto Star (at least, it should be) from a writer who had nothing to do with the story. Zerbisias does, however, take some credit for the reportage because the reporter who actually did all the work was Michelle Shephard whom Zerbisias identifies as (my friend).

Damian Penny and Kathy at Relapsed Catholic return fire, devastatingly.

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