Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Christopher Hitchens and our trade deficit

Journalist, author, pundit and Galloway-gadfly Christopher Hitchens demonstrates, once again, the incompetance of our immigration authorities at the INS. The INS is permitting Hitchens to become a U.S. citizen. A person who almost single-handedly has contributed to our swelling trade deficit and is putting our economy, everything we hold dear, life in these United States as we know it, mom, baseball and apple pie all in mortal danger, is now amongst us.

He'll be permitted to wear a Old Glory flag lapel pin on his, uh, lapel. He can visit Gettysburg anytime he wants. He can participate in Memorial Day services at will. He can sit in a box seat at a Yankees game. He can, on a whim, order a slice of old fashioned cream pie with two scoops of ice cream atop.

He can buy a Chevy.

And why is he such a threat to our disastrously under-performing economy?
Postscript: A note of cheer to all those Slate readers who either attended the Solidarity With Denmark rally, or sent encouragement, or rallied round to buy Danish goods. I have today received a note from one of the Copenhagen editors who published the original cartoons, informing me that in the last quarter, Danish exports to the United States have increased by 17 percent and that, overall, the Danish economy has more than compensated for the results of the unjustified Muslim boycott.
That's right; that's good; thanks a lot, Pete. Not content with the well-documented and horrifying history of Vikings from Denmark descending upon the innocent English-speaking people of Dover to rob, burn, rape, pillage and murder, the Danes now seek to wreck our already tottering economy. And Hitchens is helping them.

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Hitchens impersonating Bogart. Is nothing sacred?

(Or is it the Dykings from Denmark? No, dykes are from Holland.)

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