Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Byron York with Tom Kean

I think it's over. Terrorists read the newspapers. Once the program became known, then obviously the terrorists were not going to use these methods any more.
9/11 Commission co-chairman Tom Kean to Byron York on the New York Times exposure of the SWIFT program to monitor and track terrorists' money moving.

Kean not only met face-to-face with New York Times executivee editor Bill Keller to try to stop the Times' exposure of the top secret program, but also made an 11th hour phone call to the Times in a desperate, last ditch effort to stop the publication. These efforts were referred to by Keller as "half-hearted".

The Times, Bill Keller, Pug (Paunch, Patsy, whatever) and the rest don't care how many of us die so long as George Bush can be embarrassed and Pug (Paunch, Patsy, whatever) can hang onto his job in the face of crashing ad revenues, plunging copy sales and sinking stock value. As they say, read it all.

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