Sunday, June 11, 2006

Zarqawi dusted by Pixie McChrystal

The Strategy Page says that Zarqawi was sprinkled by pixie dust, or McChrystals, perhaps, and that's how we found him. I would guess that his spiritual adviser, one Sheik Abdel-Rahman, was the one actually dusted by Pixie McChrystal, whilst Zarqawi was dusted by a pair of 500-lb. bombs.

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Pixie McChrystal searching for other terrorists to "dust".

Now, the Newsweak article linked above has a very curious passage.
According to wire reports, soldiers found a few weapons, a skimpy leopard-print nightie, possibly belonging to one of Zarqawi's three wives, and the May 2 issue of the Arabic edition of NEWSWEAK (which featured a cover story on the Iraq war entitled "No Exit").
(emphasis mine)
I was just sitting here wondering if the folks at Newsweak paused for even a moment to consider the implications of that. The world's 2nd most sought after terrorist, responsible for thousands of innocent civilian deaths as well as those of hundreds of our armed services members, was reading "No Exit" in Newsweak magazine.

Nah, probably not.

Pixie McChrystal courtesy of Emma at Emma's Fun Stuff.
Eric at Classical Values says Zarqawi's death was not a stunt.
The Glittering Eye says that it is an ingenious appllication of Peter Pan technology.
Rand Simberg worries about future privacy while commenter Alfred Differ expects to see a lot of affection shown between terrorists.

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