Saturday, June 17, 2006

Cynthia McKinney not indicted

I don't believe this report. I'm going to reserve final judgment until I get confirmation from Jason Liarbold and Mark Ass.

That's rich. Mark Ass says Truthout is going to "stand down" on its "Karl Rove Indicted" fairy tale but continue to "stand behind" drug-addled reporter Jason Liarbold. I'm confused. I'm having trouble pinpointing Truthout's exact position, even with GPS. Where, exactly, is Truthout? "Stand"-ing down or "stand-ing" behind?

The Truth is that Truthout can't "stand" to find itself "stand"-ing alone in "stand"-ing behind a felonious reporter who can't accept that Karl Rove is a "stand"-up guy and is the last man "stand"-ing. Under-"stand"?

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