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Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Russian anti-Semite, finds father's grave in Israel Mark in Mexico, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Russian anti-Semite politician, Zhirinovsky's private label vodka, moderate to conservative opinion on news politics government and current events. News and opinion on Mexico.Vladimir Zhirinovsky, virulent Russian nationalist politician and anti-Semite:
"Russia always has an adversary, today these are the United States, NATO, China, and Turkey."

"You are standing in our way to the seaports." (threatening Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania)

"You say that Congress is 'Israeli-occupied territory.' We have the same situation in Russia. So, to survive, we could set aside places on U.S. and Russian territory to deport this small but troublesome tribe." (letter to Pat Buchanan endorsing Buchanan for president in 1996)

"I thought you were really defending the interests of your nation. And you've turned out to be just like Clinton and other corrupt politicians, moved by greed and vanity, not by love for the fatherland. You filled your pants as soon as you got my congratulations. Who are you afraid of? Zionists? (follow-up letter to Buchanan when Buchanan rejected Zhirinovsky's endorsement)

"Condoleezza Rice needs a company of soldiers. She needs to be taken to barracks where she would be satisfied." (responding to Rice's criticisms of Russian foreign policy)

"Where's that bastard?" (after being punched out by diminutive fellow Duma member Andrei Savelyev when a brawl broke out between them in the Russian parliament)

"We can put an end to this perversion, this influence of the Western civilization. (suggesting that all homosexuals be executed)

"Me? No way. That is just a slander. My mother was Russian and so was my father. You people cannot deal with my worldview, so you pry and search my past and my private life. I pose a challenge to everyone: Find documents in your archives and show me." (when asked about his rumored Jewish heritage)

He regards the Russian philosopher Ivan Ilyin as his ideological and spiritual mentor. (Ilyin is famous for his profound observation: "No matter where you go, there you are.")

"The essence of the conflict around the Jewish people is that when their number grows too much in some country, war breaks out there. That happened in Germany where there were too many Jews.

You will always find Jews where war is raging, because they realize that money flows where blood is spilled."
Finally, three years ago, after being presented with irrefutable evidence that his father was Jewish, Zhirinovsky changed his tone. Mark in Mexico, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, virulent Russian anti-Semite, discovers his father's grave in Israel, Oops, moderate to conservative opinion on news politics government and current events. News and opinion on Mexico.
"We waited for permission to organize a protest against the transfer of the Jewish people from Gaza Strip. During this protest I made a lengthy speech about the fate of the Jews, and how they are being tormented.

This people has undergone the gas chambers, expulsions, as well as the institutional anti-Semitism of the Soviet Union, when Jews were not accepted into the universities and official posts and returns to the motherland of its ancestors. So how much can they be tormented?"

Tell me once and for all: where it is possible to live in order not to live through another deportation?

We are talking of the people that wandered in different countries for over two thousand years. And it is the wisest and the most talented of all people in the world.

They (Russian and European politicians) will let this country (Israel) perish, only to make sure that the Muslims keep silent. I am against the escalation in the Middle East, and I stand for peace in Palestine. But the Palestinians can live in Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq; there are enough places. So why is it necessary to throw the Jews out of this narrow strip of land, in order to populate it with the Palestinians?"
(answering a reporter's questions at a protest in Moscow against Ariel Sharon's decision to abandon the Gaza Strip)

He also set out on a 3 year search to find his father or his burial place. That search came to an end just a few days ago.

"For my whole life I searched for my father. I didn't know what happened to him. I sent requests to the Red Cross, asking them to locate my father. I tried to look for him in Western Europe and I even contacted people in the United States. But in vain. The only place I didn't try, for some reason, was Israel." (speaking to a reporter in Tel Aviv)

"Inform the Jewish people that if I am elected president or if I am in the government, you in Israel will have no problems, not with Iran's nuclear program and not with the Hamas terrorists. I will know how to deal with them. After all, my father is buried here, in your soil."

"I looked for you all over the world. In Russia, in Poland, in Ukraine, in America. And now I have found you in Israel. I was assisted by diplomats, by journalists and by friends." (caressing his father's headstone in the Holon cemetery outside Tel Aviv)

He lays his hands on the stone and caresses it. Then he uses one hand to pick up a large handful of the sand that cradles the grave and pours it into the sweat-soaked handkerchief and ties its ends slowly. He orders the bodyguard to safeguard the handkerchief.

"I will keep it in my apartment in Moscow until the day I die."
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