Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Dick Meyer hits a home run.

Dick Meyer, editorial director of CBSNews.com, says the Democrats have two serious facts facing them in 2006 and have so far failed to face either one.
Let's start with the easy stuff: money. Everyone said Howard Dean would have trouble raising money as the party chair and everyone was right. The Democratic National Committee enters 2006 with $7.3 million in the bank, the RNC with $31.9 million (figures from the Center for Responsive Politics). That's a problem.
He's right - money, or the lack thereof, is an easy problem to understand. But then, the big one:
The 2006 GOP/Rove platform can easily be put on an index card, if not a Post-it note.

It reads something like this: we are at war against foreign terrorists who want to kill you and your society and we'll do what it takes to stop it and the Democrats won't; we will cut your taxes and give you money and Democrats won't. Every Republican candidate in the country can spit that one out.
Meyer asks how can this be answered. The answers that the Dems have given so far are not encouraging to Meyer:
Please draft a two sentence response that will work in a TV ad; my guess is it will sound as convoluted as John Kerry explaining why his vote for war was a vote against war.

Democrats thought the domestic surveillance revelations were a boon; if that were the case, why would the administration be devoting this week to a public campaign to trumpet the issue? Simple: because they think they have the gut punch: we'll protect you, they won't.

Top that with some Jack Abramoff shtick, I dare you. Give me a 'heck of a job, Brownie' gag line that will trump that. Go ahead, make my day and rehash the WMD-lies arguments of Campaign 2004.

The Republican soundbite hasn't changed since September, 2001; the Democrats have a new mantra with every news cycle. The Republicans have more dollars than the Democrats. Those are facts. My advice to Democrats is simple: face the facts.
It sounds like Meyer is suggesting that old but tried and true AA therapy: Step no. 1; Get out of denial; Admit you have a problem. My guess is that Howard Dean, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry and the Hildabeast are not into introspection this year, next year or any year.

And my guess is that Kos and the rest of the rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth, Fight! Destroy! Impeach! Imprison! Kill! WIN!! crowd isn't either.

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