Thursday, January 05, 2006

New York Times anti-Bush bias on display

The New York Times says
Political figures from both parties have long defended and profited from ties to the coal industry. Whether or not that was a factor in the Sago mine’s history, the Bush administration’s cramming of important posts in the Department of the Interior with biased operatives from the coal, oil and gas industry is not reassuring about general safety in the mines. Steven Griles, a mining lobbyist before being appointed deputy secretary of the interior, devoted four years to rolling back mine regulations and then went back to lobbying for the industry.
Bizzyblog responds with the truth: Coal Mine Fatalities 1995 - 2005

1995 - 47
1996 - 38
1997 - 30
1998 - 29
1999 - 34
2000 - 38
2001 - 42
2002 - 27
2003 - 29
2004 - 28
2005 - 22

Bizzyblog points out that coal mine fatalities have been cut almost in half since 2001 and that Bush, while taking office in January of 2001, had to operate under Clinton's budget until October of that year. Bizzyblog puts the numbers on a nice graph which makes the improvements in mine safety under the Bush administration all the more stark.

Other views:
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John Hawkins at Right Wing News quotes Sister Toldjah: Shame, shame on the New York Times

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