Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Dumb and Dumber

Hugh Hewitt's interview with Joel Stein, made available by Radio Blogger, is hilarious or sad or some kind of combination of the two. I don't know if Hugh talked to Joel Stein for awhile prior to taping the interview or if Hugh had a chance to talk about Stein with other people who knew him prior to doing the interview. But it is apparent from reading the transcript that Hugh had to really dumb himself down when asking questions of Joel Stein.

That makes me wonder about how Hugh accomplished this. How does one dumb oneself down to the level of a Joel Stein? Before a big game, like, say, the Steelers-Broncos game this past Sunday, the players all put on their game faces - at least the Steelers' players did. Did Hugh put on some kind of game face before the interview? Did he put on a dumb face? A donkey face? A Bozo face? A Red Skelton face? I dunno. In any case, it was quite a feat.

Here are some of the admissions Hugh got out of Stein:
Stein was against the war in Afghanistan.
Stein was against the war in Kosovo
Stein doesn't know anything about Kosovo.
Stein only knows one person in the military, a cousin, and doesn't know where he is stationed.
Stein has never talked to a soldier or a recruiter.
Stein has never visited a military hospital.
Stein doesn't give to any military-related charities.
Stein has never met a wounded veteran.
Stein admitted that if he were an Afghan he would say that American troops accomplished something but as an LAT columnist he would not.
Stein admitted that Iraq is better than before.
Stein had to be reminded twice that Hugh Hewitt was not being interviewed.
Stein doesn't know how many active members serve in the military.
Stein doesn't know how much money is spent on the military.
Stein doesn't know what the starting pay of a Private is.
Stein hasn't read any books about the military.
Stein doesn't know anything about the military at all.
Stein doesn't know what "honor" means.
Stein does not honor the troops (after Hugh gave him the definition - gratitude and esteem.)

As for his handlers at the Los Angeles Times:
No one criticized his column.
No one asked him to reconsider or rewrite the column.
No one suggested that he might be "driving over a cliff".
No one asked him any questions about his knowledge of the military.
They asked him not to tell how much he makes.
Stein then said he makes in excess of $75,000 for 1 column per week.

Relative to the aftermath of the column:
Stein admits, "The world is coming down on my head."
Stein admits, "I might change some things. I might be clear."
Stein admits, "I definitely should be more cautious."
Stein said, "I wish I'd been a little more clear in places, but I believe in what I said."
Stein promises to read Imperial Grunts by Robert Kaplan.
And this classic:
HH: Last question. If someone is so repulsed by this column, is it appropriate for them to cancel the L.A. Times?

JS: Yeah. I mean, I wouldn't cancel a subscription based on one column in an op-ed section. But if they feel like that's their only recourse, sure.
And there is lots, lots more.

Radio Blogger kindly provides us with the number to call to cancel your LAT subscription: 1-888-565-2323

What a hoot. Hugh must still be trying to clear out the cobwebs. I wrote that Stein was "A liberal wuss, a coward and a traitor who can't even run to Canada, now." Hugh Hewitt proved that Stein is just dumber than dumb. I stand corrected.

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