Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Spit this! Scoop that!

The Chinese are trying to get ready for the Olympics in 2008 by controlling some really filthy habits of Beijing's citizens. Number 1 on the Revolting Things Not To Do List is spitting on the sidewalk. Actually, the Chinese are not going to send out the spit Police. They're going to make it easier to avoid the sidewalk by providing their expectoraters with handy "rubbish boxes" every 100 meters (100 yards, aprox.) and "sanitary bags" in taxis, buses and public areas. Chinese spit inside taxis and buses? Gaaack!

The Chinese authorities will also crack down on "pets fouling the streets" which, I guess, is another way of saying pets pooping in public spaces. You can't really stop the pets from doing their doody wherever and whenever, but the owners can be forced to clean it all up. There are many handy tools available for this task here in the United States, all probably made in China. And here's a whole page of them!

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